Up North


Not this summer but last, my brother Neil and I flew up to north to help the Dorward brothers with the sole tree planting contract awarded in the Yukon. 45,000 trees in 14 days. Colin and Ryan put the trees in the ground; Neil and I handled everything else from running trees, to checking, to cooking. I even had to plant, something I had sworn never to do again. It was hard work, but good work — a trip down memory lane to 10 years previous when planting trees helped put me through university. It’s the type of experience that makes one hate the outdoors and love it all at once, and it was the best working holiday I’ve ever had. These photos tell the story.















  • Jeff Vanelle

    Very good! For both the adventure, and the great photo documentation.

  • Jennifer Halldorson

    Love the photos, your work is absolutely beautiful, so peaceful!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Jen and Jeff — glad you both enjoy, thanks for taking a look!

  • Hi Owen! Beautiful pictures! We love our wedding photos, thank you so much for your work!

  • Anonymous

    You’re very welcome Vicky! I’m glad you like them, but just wait until the final edits. It will be even better, I promise!