Little Limestone Lake I


Little Limestone Lake is considered to be one of the largest and most outstanding examples of a marl lake in the world. Located just north of Grand Rapids in the Manitoba Lowlands, Little Limestone derives its name from the unique karst (limestone) geology of the surrounding region. The colour of the lake changes visibly as calcite in the water reacts chemically to the heat of the sun.


Little Limestone recently became Manitoba’s 85th protected park reserve (http://www NULL.mb NULL.html) with the Mosakahiken Cree Nation (http://mosakahiken taking an active stewardship role in its future as outlined in this memorandum of understanding (http://cpawsmb


At the end of June, Hilary and I went there to photograph the lake and help out the Manitoba Chapter of the Canada Parks & Wilderness Society (CPAWS (http://cpawsmb Below is day one. Many thanks to Bill Dubbert for touring us around and being such a hospitable guide.


























  • these are absolutely spectacular! I cannot get enough of skies and water. Looks like an amazing place and these pictures really capture that and do it justice.

  • Rion Swanson


  • Anonymous

    Thanks guys, yeah it’s a pretty amazing lake, but just wait till you see day two — it looks like the Caribbean!

  • Kim

    This is the lake our family spent each summer at, we had a remote cabin, back then. I just love that the fish are all a silvery grey! My father loved this lake so much, he even wrote a song about it! And yes, it looks like a caribean vacation spot. Your pics are awesome, brings back many happy memories!

    • Anonymous

      Hey Kim, I’m glad to hear these photos bring back many happy memories for you — that makes them all the more worthwhile!