Just A Band: From Nairobi to SXSW 2012


SXSW announced their band lineup for their 2012 edition and there are two Kenyan bands announced!


Just A Band have been getting attention outside Kenya with their sound and music videos. Their video ‘Ha-He‘ from their second album ’82’ went viral helping to get them international attention. They recently were in New York to exhibit their video-art project Just A Band From Nairovi to New York (http://vimeo NULL.com/30808404)



In their Okayafrica interview (http://www NULL.okayafrica NULL.com/2011/10/18/okayafrica-tv-just-a-band-from-nairobi-to-new-york/), hey make the interesting point about how everyone has an expectation of what music from Africa should sound like. Not to take away the importance and beauty of the traditional sounds from places like Kenya but there is a natural evolution as each new generation, influenced by its past and by its peers, produces its own sound, its own voice, its own identity.


They are also a prime example of the increasingly common ‘Do-It -Yourself’ approach for indie musicians. Their creative expression translates well into video with their art installation and through their viral hit ‘Ha-He (http://www NULL.youtube NULL.com/watch?v=_mG1vIeETHc)‘.




Enjoy and I will follow up with another post soon on the second Kenyan band announced for SXSW 2012!



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  • Owen Murray

    Hey Kenya, thanks for the post — these guys are really good and the video to Ha-He is hilarious — like something from Action Jackson back in the day! Look forward to hearing about the other band from Kenya as well…