The Edmontonians


Here’s a peek at a collection I put together of my street photos taken in Edmonton. These are 9 of 15 images that I will be using for exhibition in Edmonton in 2013.


I had substantial help from Owen on this, as well as some friends in a critique group on flickr. Curating your own work is really hard! It’s so easy to develop an attachment to an image based on how you felt when you took it, or what you were attempting to achieve. Sometimes what you see in your own images is not at all evident to viewers lacking your inside knowledge of them. Having others view my work with a critical eye has really helped me divorce me from attachment to my images, which I think has helped me improve as a photographer. I do photography to capture what I see that I find interesting, but I also do it in order to share it with others. When it comes to sharing, it needs to be accessible, or else it is a slice of time without meaning.


Edmonton can be a difficult place to do street photography. We have long, cold nights in the winter, and even during the long, warm days at the height of summer it can be hard to find people outside of a handful of reliably busy settings in this largely suburban city. But  challenges are often opportunities. The dark winter night is dramatic, and loneliness and isolation are themes that I have tried to explore in the Edmonton context. Some of the shots below could only have been taken in Edmonton, I think. And that is part of what I find so interesting about street photography: the uniqueness of place.


Thanks again, Owen, for your help in reviewing my work.