Whyte Life




















  • Tom Young

    nice, owen. mine will be up shortly…

  • Mike Bridge

    These are great! I especially like the welder, the guy in DQ and the VLTs.

    Great to meet you yesterday too!

    • ommphoto

      Thanks Mike! It was really nice meeting you, too. Are you interested in a space on Owen’s Ark? Perhaps your inaugural post could be that radius project you were thinking of…

  • Visited a few times but not looked at this set of photos. I haven’t done any street photography, but this type of work definitely captures the mood of Whyte ave. This post reminds me to just go out, look around, and have fun. There’s much to see just down the street. thanks for the inspiration.

    • ommphoto

      Thanks Dave, glad you enjoy and that these remind you to get out and look around down there. There’s something everywhere!