Al-Azhar Park


Finding a bit of breathing room in Cairo, a city of 17 million people, is possible by visiting the incredible Al-Azhar Park. Situated on a centuries-old landfill site and above a working neighbourhood now brought back to life, initiatives from the Aga Khan Trust for Culture have made this urban green space project the best place to go for an unparalleled experience of the city. Accessible by metro and a short walk uphill, 30 hectares of city-top garden and public space are available in which to stroll, picnic, nap, kick a ball, tumble down a hill or explore at one’s leisure.


For over two years the world’s media has been largely focused on the problems faced by Egypt as it transitions and struggles for a better future; cameras constantly point at street fights, protests and politicking… and frustrations emerge all around. Is it forgotten that happiness and the little-nothings of the normal day exist alongside all of these events, too? Images of an afternoon stroll in this park, at the rooftop of old Cairo, hopefully give an uplifting perspective: people and their diverse moments of togetherness and a modern skyline augmented by the spires of the natural world.
























Community Skating Party


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