Paper Works

Still Life


This still life was done as a birthday gift for Ingrid. She and Jeff had the great idea to invite any friends interested to splash some paint (or anything for that matter) onto an 8″x8″ canvas. Since there were a few extra canvases and I was a bit more comfortable painting larger, I took 4 with the intent of creating a single image over all of them. I hadn’t painted with ‘real’ paint for some years (only digital lately) so this turned out to be a very enjoyable project. The whole idea was to enjoy and not get bogged down in a big project. I worked on it over 2 Sundays (approximately 12 hours), and then spent another couple hours doing finishing touches and a varnish coat. The biggest challenge was to create an interesting composition without going too complex. I was hoping that each canvas would work on its own as well, so it was a bit tricky in that sense. And as with any image, the trick was to (try to) not over work it. It was great to step back and look at the completed image, taking in the good and bad. Some areas such as the cloth are quite heavy-handed and could benefit from some refinement… next time.







Prairie Dream



Old Work


Hello all!


Here’s a few images of older work I want to include for my first post. I don’t have any recent work that’s beyond the extremely rough sketchy stage as I tend to start tons of images, and then let them sit by the wayside, often times coming back to them later. As a character artist I’m quite interested in all sorts of creatures, especially mythological and imagined…




Some New Work

Brain God

gouache and ink on 250gr watercolor paper, 210mmx149mm




















Ikan Beta God

gouache and ink on 250gr watercolor paper, 210mmx149mm




















Bear God

gouache and ink on 250 gr watercolor paper, 210mmx149mm