Kenya Kondo


A quick introduction!


My name is Kenya and I am an Edmonton based musician and have just recently released my debut alternative pop-rock album ‘Wait (http://www NULL.kenyakondo‘.


I also love to closely follow developments in the world of technology and socio-economic development.


I run on occasion.


And, I am still trying to decide what I should write about on a regular basis…hmmm


As I work on what to write and post, I will leave you with the track ‘Moses’ from my debut album ‘Wait’:




Kenya is a singer, songwriter and composer based in Edmonton, Canada. His music spans pop-rock, blues and acoustic ballads to instrumental compositions for film and TV.


Kenya’s music has been described as ‘British duo Butler/McAlmont meets Tracy Chapman’. His band’s tight playing coupled with his powerful voice and catchy melodies enthrall audiences. When taking a break from music, Kenya is into running. When running gets too hard, he usually comes back to music.


As a solo artist, he explored the world of the lone singer-songwriter before forming his first band ‘Leap of Faith’. He formed his second band ‘Kitchen’s Passport’ adding a more prominent stage presence and fuller sound to his solo act. Playing alongside an ensemble of eclectic musicians, he covered the worlds of pop-rock, blues and folk-rock. Joining a second collaborative effort ‘The Hidden Gemz’ allowed him to explore more diverse styles of music honing his abilities as a songwriter.


Kenya returns to his roots as a singer-songwriter with his debut album ‘WAIT’.