Colour and Patterns


First post from me! It’ll be a quick one for now. My main photographic focus is street photography, and I’ve recently started exploring colour in graphic compositions. When people ask me what I like to take photos of I sometimes try to shock them by telling them I like to catch people picking their noses on street corners. It’s sort of true! But the point is not to take embarrassing photos, just to make honest representations of people in public environments. I want to capture candid moments of spontaneous human interaction. Partly it’s about documenting my time and place, but mostly it’s just because I like watching people and how they behave in urban environments.


Alex Webb (http://www NULL.webbnorriswebb is a photographer I admire who utilizes colour to maximum advantage. Saul Leiter (http://www NULL.lensculture NULL.html) is another. I don’t think I am anywhere close to achieving their complex colour compositions, but a guy’s gotta start somewhere.


Yellow Bars Blue




{Dec 16th Update} Continuing on with the public transit theme, I caught this one the other day.

Sunrise in the Underground