Edmonton After Dark


I was inspired to try my hand at shooting nightlife on Whyte Avenue by Maciej Dakowicz, a Polish street photographer based in Cardiff, Wales. His shots of drinking culture after midnight in that city (http://www NULL.flickr NULL.com/photos/maciejdakowicz/sets/1391696/) have an element of the bizarre to them and make the viewer wonder what those kids have been smoking, but also impress with their incisive perspective on the raw and rule-flouting behaviours of young partiers. I’m a few years out of regular Saturday evening partying myself, so I wondered what Edmonton’s drinking scene would look like as an outsider.


Drunk people can be unpredictable, so naturally I brought backup (http://www NULL.flickr NULL.com/photos/lucasbridge/)!


(http://owensark NULL.com/2012/09/edmonton-after-dark/whyte-night-6202/)

(http://owensark NULL.com/2012/09/edmonton-after-dark/whyte-night-6160/)

(http://owensark NULL.com/2012/09/edmonton-after-dark/whyte-night-6227/)

(http://owensark NULL.com/2012/09/edmonton-after-dark/whyte-night-6263/)

(http://owensark NULL.com/2012/09/edmonton-after-dark/whyte-night-6270/)

(http://owensark NULL.com/2012/09/edmonton-after-dark/whyte-night-6276/)

(http://owensark NULL.com/2012/09/edmonton-after-dark/whyte-night-6277/)