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Lebanon Travel Photography

Beirut to Baalbek

Fête de St.Noé

Auvillar, France

Vancouver in Spring

Herzog in Mind

England, Ireland & Scotland

Travels through the UK


“Petit pays…”


3 weeks for 8 years

Karnak Hypostyle Hall

Column Photography

On the Campaign Trail

with Don Iveson.

Tracy & Rob’s Wedding

12 rounds and a ring.

Whyte Life

Whyte at night.

Black, White & Western II

The Desert Part II.

Black, White & Western I

The Desert Part I.

Ancient Merv

Turkmenistan Archaeology.

Adam & Vicky’s Wedding

The big day in 55 photos.

ARCE – 2009

  ARCE stands for the American Research Center in Egypt and runs a number of projects throughout the country, primarily with funding from USAID. Holding the concession for Khonsu temple at Karnak in Luxor, ARCE teams work on different projects focused around conservation and preservation at the temple and surrounding complex.   As ARCE photographers […]