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ARCE – 2009

  ARCE stands for the American Research Center in Egypt and runs a number of projects throughout the country, primarily with funding from USAID. Holding the concession for Khonsu temple at Karnak in Luxor, ARCE teams work on different projects focused around conservation and preservation at the temple and surrounding complex.   As ARCE photographers […]

The Bedouin Experience – 2008

  Sri Lankan Airlines: : Serendib Magazine   It is not even midday yet, but the sun beats down regardless – it’s hot. From the sway of a camel’s back, a desert landscape emerges: sand dunes carved from wind; stunted broken trees scattered scarcely about, blue, blue sky, no hint of clouds. Here in the […]

He Digs Adventure in the Desert – 2008

  Canwest News Service: He Digs Adventure in the Desert     Tish Prouse would be the first to admit that his interest in archaeology stems from a boyhood love of Indiana Jones.   But the Edmonton native had no idea his interest would one day lead him to Turkmenistan, a Central Asian country of […]

An Aging Population & Low Birth Rate – 2007

  Preface: I’m a firm believer there’s no better place to be than where one finds themself – peaceful communities arise through the acceptance and acknowledgment of those in their midst, peaceful individuals arise through the acceptance and acknowledgment of the communities they inhabit – both function well with a measured level of respect, humility, […]

Sakai-san: Prelude – 2006

  Running late. Nothing new – it’s the norm. Taking short cuts, familiar back routes through the rice fields of Toyama on route to something else; always something else, some reason, some rush, some… Rarely a drive now, for a drives’ sake.   65km/h, bend in the road, bridge ahead and on it an old […]

Sakai-san: Part I – 2006

  Sakai-san is 78-years old. Born in 1927, Namerikawa, Toyama, youngest of seven children and a second son.   “Ha—ha-ha-ha—.” A wheeze of a laugh, gap-toothed mug, purple hair and smiling eyes. “Didn’t have much money then, see, and if you don’t have money, you have children. They help out. More mouths to feed, but […]

Sakai-san: Part II – 2007

  It’s dark now when I get there . . . Five-fifteen. But already dark, winter, soon December, soon snow. A moment of unrecognition, then the familiar gap-toothed smile . . .   “Ha, wow! Today I’m lucky. First my niece and her husband, and now you. I’m happy.”   I don’t catch it the […]

On India – 2005

  What to write about India? It is bizarre stepping into India from the air-conditioned comfort of the North Gate Hotel. The North Gate is not India, with it’s room service, laundry, and round-the-clock CNN satellite TV. Over the threshold lies a clash of realities, exemplified by western-style hotels strewn amongst street vendors, beggars and […]

A Letter Home – 2004

  I’m writing from Toyama, Japan, a main-island prefecture nestled between mountains and sea, roughly 4hrs Northwest of Tokyo by bullet train. For the past four months I’ve been teaching English to children ranging 3 – 14 in the town of Ohyama. Or perhaps more aptly surmised; for the past four months I’ve been attempting […]

Bic Rouge – 2002

The time is unclear. It could be 3:00 pm, maybe 4:00 pm, perhaps 2:30 pm. Time trickles so slowly it appears to have stopped; like a rivulet of sweat perched on the tip of a whale’s nose, both suspend belief. And hot, so hot — a damp, wet, humid hot that fills one’s lungs with […]